We understand that finances have been tight for everyone during the pandemic and as a result we have reduced the transport costs to help.  Firstly we have reduced our current annual prices, and further to that we are also reducing the cost of the first term for everyone by 25%.  We will also be reducing the final term for all Year 11 students by 20 days travel, with the option of paying Monthly, Termly, or annually.

(please see table below for 2021/2022 prices)

Term 1 Term2 Term3 TOTAL
Zone 1 £139.61 £150.45 £147.90 £437.96
Zone 2 £188.89 £203.55 £200.10 £592.54
Zone 3 £246.38 £265.50 £261.00 £772.88

The Zones are as Follows.

ZONE 1: Whittington, Newton, Burrow, Tunstall

ZONE 2: Arkholme, Storrs Hall, Greta Bridge, Melling, Wennington, Wray, Hornby, Claughton

ZONE 3: Gressingham, Redwell, Holton, Brookhouse, Caton, Borwick, Priest Hutton, Silverdale, Yealand, Warton, Lancaster, Morecambe, Arnside, Milnthorpe.

The timetables for the 12, 13, 14, 15, 477, and 481 QES services can be found above.

To apply for a seat please fill in the QES / QE Studio Seat Application Form

Please return your completed form to peter@travellerschoice.co.uk

If you have any further questions please call peter on: 01524 72 00 33 or 07442 86 2013